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Elianabeth Riley

c/o 2016


107 Points


Favorite Thespian Moments

"Dancing on stage during intermission of 'Up the Down Staircase.'"




"Lord Ipswich."


"Vito rapping in class."


"Getting a Superior for Costume Construction at States."


"Everyone running in the rain to make it to my event."


"Having Ms. Pleus and Raeann help me with my Solo Musical."


Favorite Movies

The Avengers

The Dark Knight


Favorite TV Shows

Young Justice


Favorite Actor

Robert Downey, Jr.


Favorite Actress

Angelina Jolie



What is one final thought or piece of advice you'd like to leave behind?

"This room will always be home to me, a place I have a family and can go to in hard times.  There will always be people here who will help and listen.  Thespians has given me so much and helped me realize my dream and passion in life.  To new Thespians: keep trying, keep believing and keep doing what you love!"


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