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The November Comedies

March 25 & 26, 2010


Year 4 - "4 A.M."

by Jonathan Dorf

Year 3 - "How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying"


by Jonathan Rand

Year 2 - "Thirteen Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview"


by Douglas Craven


Mr. Sean Gaudet


Stage Manager

Carl Simmonds ('11)


Light & Sound Designer

Destiny O'Brien ('10)


One-Act Directors

Mr. Sean Gaudet

Ms. Allison Taylor


Costume Designers

Chanel Letourneau ('10)

Tori Musco ('10)


Props Designer

Lindsay Hail ('10)


Set Designer

Moriah Sobeck ('10)


Makeup Designer

Sarah Hudak ('11)


Hair Designer

Mary Osada ('11)



Tori Musco ('10)


House Manager

Taylor Dillingham ('10)



Holly Morris

Noemi Olascuaga

Acting 2 & 3 class



Thespians - Scene Showcase

featured events from District Competitions

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