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The November Comedies

November 3 & 4, 2011



Mr. Sean Gaudet


Stage Manager

Light & Sound Designer

Paige Fink ('13)


One-Act Directors

Mr. Sean Gaudet

Chrissy Herreid ('12)

Jessica Courchene ('12)


Costume Designers

Chrissy Herreid ('12)


Props & Set Designer

Jessica Courchene ('12)


Makeup Designer

Kristina Osada ('13)


Hair Designer

Aly Oquendo ('12)



Kelsey Vinson ('12)


House Manager

Brandon Blue-Eyes ('14)



Alex Duran

Taylor Abbott



Kathryn Smisek

Mia Hernandez




Mime Showcase

The Mime-Off 

Chris Zichy

Chrissy Herreid

Jessica Courchene


Caught Cheating

Aaron Schaefer

Angel Laboy-Payan

Jordan Bourque


Tribal Sacrifice

Abby Fleck

Holly Morris

Kelsey Vinson

Year 4 - "Keeping Score"

Year 3 - "Action News: Now With 10% More Action"


Year 2 - "The Faculty Meeting"


by Terri Collin

by Christopher Durang

by Michael Soetart

Year 1 - "Romance and You"

by Chrissy Herreid ('12) & Jessica Courchene ('12)

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