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The Comedy Show

October 15 & 16, 2015


Year 4 - "The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World" by Jonathan Rand


Year 3 - "I'm a Teenager Get Me Out of This Family" by Jim Garvey



Mr. Sean Gaudet



Ms. Amanda Blanco


Stage Manager

Light & Sound Designer

Mylene Tomas ('16)


One-Act Directors

Mr. Sean Gaudet

Kat Connelly ('16)

Nick Devries ('16)


Costume Designers

Annalese Andrews ('16)

Elianabeth Riley ('16)

Jenna Ojeda ('17)

Miranda Neumann ('17)


Set Designers

Kat Connelly ('16)

Oliver Hoegh ('17)


Props Designers

Nick Devries ('16)

Italia Scavo ('16)


Makeup Designers

Lyndzee Gugel ('18)

Margo Lindsey ('16)


Publicist &


Emma Bjornsen ('16)


House Manager

Jennifer Bui ('16)


Set Crew

Tori Cochran

Mars Eskander

Kyono Knox

Ben Santarone

Michael Stoll

Alexis Wirtzfield

zorria Wright

Keila Perez


Light & Sound Crew

Tony Lerma


Props Crew

Will Campbell

Adrianna Jafari

jack Miller


Hair & Makeup Crew

Jasmine Lorenzo

Camila Tenorio

Adriana Socorregut

Johans Court

Shelby Fox

Lauren Kowalske

Hannah Howell

Shannon Forchin


Costume Crew

Bri Neal

Marisa Andres

Hector Anguiano

Tanya Hagen


Year 2 - "The Faculty Meeting" by Michael Soetart


Year 1 - "Family Boot Camp" by Kat Connelly & Nick Devries


House Crew

Abby Ingram

Analisa Lazzara

Alyssa Bowlin

Amber Cavanaugh

Ja'Sean Almore

Ja'Nya Holmes

Jason Cooney

Natravia Hunter

Madison Olsen

Kaitlyn O'Connell


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