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The Comedy Show

October 27 & 28, 2016


Thespians - "Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage" by David Ives


Year 4 - "Action News (Now With 10% More Action" by Jonathan Rand


Year 3 - "Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit" by Jonathan Rand


Twicknam Thespian Competition Crew

Stage Manager, Light Sound - Oliver Hoegh

Makeup/Hair - Lyndzee Gugel

Set - Kyono Knox

Costume - Kat Buytas

Props - Lea Mills

Behind the Scenes Video


Mr. Sean Gaudet



Ms. Amanda Blanco


Stage Manager

Oliver Hoegh ('17)


One-Act Directors

Mr. Sean Gaudet

Ms. Amanda Blanco

Amanda Lewandoski ('17)

Caitlyn Hixenbaugh ('17)


Costume Designers

Kat Buytas ('19)


Set Designers

Hannah Howey ('18)


Props Designers

Mia Younger ('17)


Makeup Designers

Lyndzee Gugel ('18)


Publicist &


Oliver Hoegh ('17)


Light & Sound Designer

James Thomas ('17)


House Manager

Keri Boyne ('17)


Set Crew

Mia Court

Abby Ingram

Desmond Washington

Emily chappell

Trinity Garcia


Light & Sound Crew

Caleb Sigers


Props Crew

Varian Smith

Elizabeth Massey

Rose McCretton


Hair & Makeup Crew

Lea Mills

Jazzelyne Vazquez

Arianna Lewis

Abbigail Huynh

Michaela Torres

Eva Miguel


Costume Crew

Hunter Smith

Ashley Crawford

Tori Beurmann

Cher White


Year 2 - "21 Guaranteed Ways to Get Detention" by Michael Soetart


Year 1 - "Tip Disaster" by Amanda Lewandoski & Caitlyn Hixenbaugh


House Crew



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