The Comedy Show

November 9 & 10, 2017


Year 4 - "The Love of Three Oranges" by Carlo Gozzi


Year 3 - "Check Please"

by Jonathan Rand


Year 2 - "Superheroes"

by Ian McWethy



Mr. Sean Gaudet



Mrs. Amanda Neff


Stage Manager

Hannah Howey ('18)


Asst. Stage Manager

Kat Buytas ('19)


Student Directors

Samantha Heller ('18)

Cameron Carazo ('18)

Emily Chappell ('18)

Mackenzie Day ('18)

Lyndzee Gugel ('18)


Costume Designers

Hunter Smith ('18)


Set Designer

Sierra Norris ('19)


Props Designer

Aidric Laubach ('18)


Makeup Designer

Lyndzee Gugel ('18)



Samantha Heller ('18)


Light & Sound Designer

Caleb Sigers ('18)


House Manager

Airelle Pemberton

Stage Crew

Allie Peters

Rheanna Tomas

Varian Smith

Alexis Wirtzfeld

Lauren Hillard

Juan Jimenez


Light & Sound Crew

Joey Callaghan

Jace Bonebrake

Rey Huertas

Max Mead


Hair & Makeup Crew

Acacia Byd

Ashley Pipolo

Charlise Marrero

Eva Miguel

Meghan Ortiz

Dory Badillo


Costume Crew

Zylah Marion

Chris Cabezudo

Carolina Rodriguez

Caitlyn Koch


House Crew

Lex Daoud

Jessi Orlando

Alisha Ortiz

Ashly Via

Ulissa Cole

Layna Gracie


Year 1 - "Pain is Beauty"

by Mackenzie Day & Lyndzee Gugel


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