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"Arsenic & Old Lace"

by Joseph Kesselring

April 5 & 6, 2018


The "Arsenic & Old Lace" Spotify rehearsal mood-building playlist!


Crew Schedules will be created after the first Tech Crew meeting of all interested students on Wed 1/24.


Having trouble reading a schedule? 

Make sure you have a .pdf reader!

Costume Crew

Analisa Lazzara

Andria Rios-Santiago

Angie Torres

Caitlyn Koch

Rhianna Brooks


Set Crew

Areij Samhoury

Cameron Middleton

Chassidy Martinez

Izzy Harper

Jade Phan

Kyle Robinson

Laila Qureshi

Matthew Walford

Max Mead

Nicole Miller

Uly Cole



Props Crew

Allie Peters

Madi Corbin

Nicole Mladenovska

Olivia Crane

Rey Huertas-Colon

Trinity Garcia


Hair & Makeup Crew

Angelina Anglero

Arianna Lewis

Dory Badillo

Lea Mills

Mackenzie Mealor

Meghan Ortiz


Light & Sound Crew

Abby Ingram

Max Mead

Matt Walford

Myna Mendoza

Director, Producer

Mr. Sean Gaudet


Technical Director

Mrs. Amanda Neff


Stage Manager

Hannah Howey ('18)

Assistant Director

Mackenzie Day ('18)


Assistant Stage Manager

Kat Buytas ('19)


Costume Lead

Carolina Rodriguez

Hunter Smith ('18)


Set Crew Lead

Emily Chappell ('18)


Props Crew Lead

Aidric Laubach ('18)


Makeup & Hair Lead

Lyndzee Gugel ('18)


Documentary Videographer

Lea Mills ('18)



House Manager

Caleb Sigers


House Crew

Alexis Daoud

Alexis Wirtzfeld

Juan Jimenez

Layna Gracie

Mekhai Dinnard

Sierra Norris

Summer Wood

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