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"Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind"
by Greg Allen
7:00pm October 28 & 29, 2021
$5.00 Students, $8.00 Adults


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Director, Producer
Mr. Sean Gaudet
Technical Director
Mrs. Amanda Neff
Stage Manager
Ashley Miller ('22)

Student Director
Abby Torres ('22)
Assistant Stage Managers
Julianne Grassi ('24)
Jasmine Diaz ('25)

Props Master & Set Crew Chief
Riley Kartel ('22)

Makeup & Hair Designer
Destiny Diaz ('22)
House Manager
Matthew McAdoo

House Crew
Amber Mussone
Deionrei Capcal
Estella Hedgemond
Jayden Zabala
Leila Martinez
McKelvey Rice

Hair & Makeup Crew
Gaven Simpson
Gianna Curtin
Jayden Stephenson
Jade Storey
Rainn Wasko

Alison Beaton
Cecilia Talbert
Janell Bachellor
Marisol Panvino
Rami Qureshi
Soap Vallee
Vex Manco

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