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2022 Best Picture

7 Days
The Outskirts
The Truth Untold
Up Up Down Down

2022 FF 7 Days
2022 FF Anthology
2022 FF Aquaphobia
2022 FF The Outskirts
2022 FF The Truth Untold
2022 FF Up Up Down Down

Performance Awards


Best Performer in a Drama

Carlyse Correia


Best Performer in a Comedy

Tyee Harbiston

  "Up Up Down Down"



Best Supporting Performer in a Drama

Ryusuke Fenk



Best Supporting Performer in a Comedy

Nolan Terrigno
  "The Adventures of Chore Man"


Technical Awards


Best Original Screenplay

Riley Kartel
  "The Truth Untold"


Best Cinematography

Gabby Gonzalez Villegas
  "7 Days"



Best Post-Production Editing

Aliyah Rodriguez Sanchez

Best Art Design

Britney Matos

Best Soundtrack

Savannah Stevens
  "She Gone"
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