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Sean Gaudet

c/o 1987


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Favorite Thespian Moments

Moment #1

"Mariela and Tanya winning Critics' Choice awards at 2004 Districts.  I felt like we had arrived as a troupe."


Moment #2

"Tisa spinning like a top, saying 'Gogogogo timetime timetime'"


Moment #3

"Rusty rushing out of the kitchen on a wave of water, with X's on his eyes in "Odd Couple" rehearsal.  Hahahaha!"


Moment #4

Jessica's "AAAAAAGGHGHGH" scream when the lights went out unexpectedly in "Did Someone Say, Murder?"


Moment #5

Watching "You Could Be President Too (But Probably Not)" performed with choreography for the first time and realizing that an idle daydream of mine had turned into reality.


Moment #6

When Paul sneezed on Amanda, and her entire body tried to wriggle away sideways in a vain attempt to avoid it.


Moment #7

"Our Town" (2015) - every minute of it, every rehearsal, each show.  That painful, beautiful moment where the silhouetted funeral choir sings in Act 3, Emily emerges in white and says, simply, "Hello."  Also, all of the hours I spent trying to find wistful train whistles and mournful windstorms.


Moment #8

After "Our Town" closed, I was so afraid I'd never direct anything as beautiful ever again, that I'd maxed out my skills. And then closing night of "Almost, Maine" (2017)  happened.  A partial standing ovation, and the best audience feedback I've ever heard: "I forgot they were high school students."


Moment #9

In my 3rd week of teaching in 2018, I started going blind in my right yee. I lost my 16-year old cat, Callie in December, and then I lost my Mom in April to cancer. And throughout the many surgeries and loss, I found myself continually lifted up every moment of every day at school by some of the most beautiful human beings I've ever worked with.


Favorite Movies

American Beauty

(This is) Spinal Tap

Lost in Translation

Into the Wild


Favorite TV Shows

The Good Place

Better Call Saul

The Office



Favorite Actor

Joaquin Phoenix

William H. Macy

Fred Willard


Favorite Actress


Marisa Tomei

Carol Burnett



Favorite 80's Band

The Worst


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Theatre 1
Acting 1
Acting 3
Acting 2
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