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District Festival @

Wesley Chapel High School
Troupe 6172
District 14, Florida

Learn About Events

Contains official rules, scoring criteria, advice, and 6172 Halls of Fame for all 14 events that Thespians can enter!


Registration OPENS from SEP 23 TO OCT 14


Festival Is Coming!

Should I enter an event?

  • Yes. Do it.

  • You'll get feedback from judges outside of our little "feedback bubble." That matters.

  • You'll get to see other people performing the same kind of events you like, or those you MIGHT be interested in.

  • Get to see how other schools and directors build their events. Learn brand new styles!

  • Also: Food trucks


Work on your own in a SOLO event

  • Monologue

  • Solo Musical

  • Play Writing

  • Technical Design

  • Pantomime (solo option)

Work with a partner or small team in a TEAM event

  • Duet Acting (2 performers)

  • Ensemble Acting (3-8 performers)

  • Duet Musical (2 performers)

  • Group Musical (3-16 performers)

  • Pantomime (2-8 performers option)

Online payment is now available! Choose the $30 Thespian Districts fee.

2022 Deadlines

  • Sep 23 - Register YOURSELF

  • Sep 23 - EVENTS open. Register the event(s) you want to enter. 

  • Oct 14 - EVENT REGISTRATION closes.

  • Oct 19 - AUDITION - Contested Events

    • Solo Musical

    • Duet Acting

  • Nov 11 - All Play Writing events due (.pdf)

  • Dec 11 - LIVE performances in front of judges at the Festival.

District Event Signups
Last updated: Oct 14, 2022

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