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Group Musical

Scoring Criteria
  • Character development/ Consistency

  • Delivery/Style

  • Emotional Commitment/ Believability

  • Pitch/Intonation

  • Staging/Choreography

  • Vocal Production/Technique



Rehearse.  Over and over, and over again.  Then again.  Find a student director who is committed to leading and then agree to listen to them.  To score well on this, you must all be absolutely tuned in to each other, and clearly having fun on stage doing it.


This is a phenomenally competitive event at the States level.  You'll be up against Performing Arts magnet schools who have Dance, Vocal, and Acting instructors all triple-teaming together to bring students to this event.  And, all of the students in the event have had to pass auditions just to get into the school, period - never mind into the event they're in.


You have to believe in yourself and work yourself silly.  You can do it.


6172 Hall of Fame
  • Chrissy Herreid, Abby Fleck, Aly Oquendo, Alex Duran, Alyssa Blackledge, Brianna Loviglio, Chanda Albritton, Holly Morris, Iain Cameron, Jasmine Dixon, Julia Todd, Lucas Esteves, "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from "The Lion King"(2012)

  • Desiree Bonilla, Megan Dart, Lexi Davies, Cara Dozier, Starlett Hill, Kelsey Loynaz, Lisa Noury, Jessica Olarte, Mary Powell, Miranda Ross, Johora Ramotar, Megan Russell, Nicole Salce, Lauren Vanhelden, "Forget About the Boy" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (2007)

  • Wes Ford, Stephen Hopkins & Zico Tabet, "Fugue for Tinhorns" from "Guys & Dolls" (2006)

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