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Thespian Library

Looking for a scene title for competitions?  Or just want to curl up and read a good play?  


Thespians may check out one book at a time from the Thespian Library in Room 229.  You can also request that we add a book to our collection by submitting a Library Request form - just click on the above button!


You might find that a play title you're looking for is already be checked out by a fellow Thespian.  If so, just check with Mr. G to find out the Thespian's name, so you can let them know you're looking for the play when they're finished reading!


NOTE: If a title is listed as having an "Acting Guide Binder available," this means that an advanced Acting student has compiled a guide to the play including a plot synopsis, character descriptions, key moments, a glossary of the most difficult words, character web, directing advice, and scenes that have already been cut for Acting events.  If you like, you may check out the Acting Guide along with play.

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