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9th Grade Orientation

Materials are now ready for the 9th Grade Orientation!

Our cast is HUGE this year, and I worked hard to make sure that everybody has at least one speaking role in the movie. I gave larger parts to students who've volunteered for Orientation before, to make the filming a little easier.

Bring these with you to shooting:

  • backpack

  • notebook and pen/pencil (for class scenes)

  • 3 extra t-shirts for costume changes

  • professional change of clothes if you're playing a faculty member in a scene

  • your brain filled with memorized lines

  • sense of humor (mandatory)

  • comfortable footwear; we're running a lot

I never heard back from Nicole or Oliver about the new filming date. We tried to get in touch with you! If you're reading this, you're more than welcome to come and be part of the fun as an extra.

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