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9th Grade Hosting

Great work to all of the Thespians who came to film today! We had a lot of fun, and finished in record time due to our awesome professionalism. Good times were had. : )

I'll post exact hosting information when details become available to me. The date WILL be Thursday, August 6th. Plan on arriving at 8:00am and leaving at 4:00pm. I'm pretty sure lunch will be served, but I'll confirm that, too.

I really only need a dozen people to host, so if you would rather not - just let me know. Hosting is open to anyone who filmed, and is not pack-leading the orientation with a group of incoming 9th graders already:

Eligible to Host

  1. Adrianna

  2. Aliyah

  3. Amanda

  4. Ben

  5. Blake

  6. Caitlyn

  7. Emma

  8. Gaisha

  9. Gillian

  10. Heather

  11. Jenna

  12. Jennifer

  13. Johans

  14. Kyono

  15. Mackenzie

  16. Nick

  17. Rachel

  18. Tanya

  19. Taylen

  20. Will

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