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It's Districts Festival Time!

Basic 6172 Districts Guidelines:

  1. Have fun

  2. Work hard

  3. Show your best work

  4. Compliment

  5. Encourage

  6. Support other troupe members at their events

  7. Be professional; especially being on time for afternoon/evening duties

Besides that, everything else is pretty much optional. Except being quiet in the hallways, and keeping your phones off in event rooms. We're pretty darn serious about that.

Times to arrive

6:30am - Mr. G, Ms. Blanco, Exec Council for final morning setup

7:30am - Tour guides & registration table assistants (check in with Mr. G)

8:00am - Everybody else (check in with Ms. Blanco)

Our Stuff

Will be held in Ms. Pleus' room, including all of your name tags. Remember this is a quick pick-up stuff, drop-off stuff room. Please don't hang out here. : )

Time to be picked up by

8:30pm - For the love of everything good, please be picked up by then so Mr. Gaudet and Ms. Blanco can head to their respective homes when everything is done

We love you, we want the best for you, let's have a GREAT TIME!!

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