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States Competitors

We have some questions that we are trying to get answered about competitions and eligibility that we are getting answered from our District Chair. Until we get these answered, we are not announcing States competitors for our troupe yet.

Between now and then, please communicate with Mr. Gaudet or Ms. Blanco if you earned a Superior but do NOT want to commit to all of the work involved in preparing consistently between now and March, 2016 for States competition. It's okay if you don't want to, just communicate with us, and it's all good.

If you currently have poor Quarter 2 grades (any F's or more than 1 D) in eSembler that do NOT reflect your current grade status (usually because of unentered grades) get a written note from that teacher BEFORE 2:00pm Tuesday December 15, 2015. Otherwise, we will use your current eSembler grades to determine your eligibility for States competition.

ALL members of your group must meet academic requirements for competition.

ALL THESPIANS who competed in an event are eligible to attend States regardless of the score they received. And you should attend States. It's a super-cool thing. And it's right before Spring Break, so it's like you start doing awesome things early.

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