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Day 1 of States Complete!

Highlights of Day 1 @ States!

  • Kyono and Mylene had their best ever performance of "Brother in Arms" and got an EXCELLENT in their Pantomime event! They were even just one point short on one judge's adjudication of getting an overall Superior!

  • We saw some great scenes, musical events, and pantomimes.

  • Will got a free balloon and then held it in his teeth and it slipped out, then floated up to the ceiling 60 feet above him.

  • Derrick forgot to set his alarm, had to drive himself to the Convention Center, and then had an allergic reaction to all of the pollen in our favorite park to eat lunch. (Benadryl saved the day)

  • We saw "Almost, Maine" as the Thursday night mainstage at the Tampa Theater and it was super fun. (We just studied the same script in Year 4 class a month ago!)

  • Every single person ... EVERY SINGLE PERSON got picked up straight away when we got back to school and not one teacher had to stand awkwardly by waiting for a late parent/car driver to arrive. It was beautiful.

Day 2 is tomorrow!

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