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Day 3 of States Complete!

Day 3 @ States Update:

  • Keri and Caitlyn earned a SUPERIOR on their Duet Acting scene!

  • Nick and Amanda earned an EXCELLENT on their Duet Musical scene!

  • Several Thespians got caught in the rain on the way back waiting for Nick to get a certain type of pizza, and then waiting for Michael and Derrick to order seconds of sushi. They barely made it into the Costume Construction event in time, and they were absolutely soaking wet. Their lunch companion, Ms. Pleus, was happy to be accompanying them.

  • Elianabeth earned a SUPERIOR on her Costume Construction!

  • Mylene slipped and fell twice while running on slick sidewalks and now has a new personality.

  • Mr. G's old Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone died. A memorial will be held on a later date.

  • Kat and Emma earned an EXCELLENT on their Duet Acting scene!

  • This means that every single 6172 event placed at States. Holy cow!

States 2016 is now complete. Hope you had fun : )

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