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2015-16 is Now Complete!

Thank you EVERYONE for such a great year.

In addition to putting on a Comedy Show, a Spring Play, and a Film Festival for hundreds and hundreds of audience members, we also had a couple firsts this year. Not only did we have our first Relay for Life Thespian team, we also HOSTED DISTRICTS. We also waited for over an hour in lines for lunch at those food trucks, which I know was a personal record for me.

Next week, the new Exec Council will be meeting with Ms. Blanco and me to talk about plays for next year. If you have an idea for a one act, or a full-length comedy, let us know by next August to put your title(s) into contention.

Our next event will be filming for the 9th Grade Orientation on 6/29 from 9:00-1:00pm. I'll post a .pdf script for you to read ahead of time.

Until then ... enjoy your well-earned time off!


-Mr. G

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