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9th Grade Orientation!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for this Summer's big project: the 9th Grade Orientation!

Filming will take place between 9:00-1:00pm at WCHS on June 29, 2016. We'll meet in front of the Media Center. PLEASE BE ON TIME. You all know how ambitious it is to film a full 10-minute film in 4 hours, and we can only do it if everyone is here at the start. I'll get there at 8:30am, so feel free to come early.

Check out the big golden buttons on the Home page, or the links on the Documents page to get the "Cast & Notes" and "Screenplay" documents.

The Cast & Notes will tell you everything about your (multiple) parts in the film, as well as costumes and props to bring.

The Screenplay will have all of your lines. PLEASE BE OFF-BOOK WHEN YOU ARRIVE. We don't have much time budgeted for retakes, and everything you can do to be prepared will help.

We will finish promptly by 1:00pm. We don't have a lunch break, so come well-fed and/or bring snacks.

As always we are going to be professional about the work AND have a ridiculous amount of fun doing it, too. I can't wait to see you

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