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District 14 One Acts Complete!

We had a great time bringing "Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage" back to the District One Acts stage!

After having the earliest possible time slot to perform (we left WCHS at 6:00am), we performed Twicknam, and then sat back and watched other troupes bring their acts to the stage. We got some really good ideas - both from the judges, and from other troupes as they performed.

We also ate at the worst McDonald's in the world, where everything tastes like sodium, and then had a meal at an Italian restaurant near RIver Ridge High where Lea and Lyndzee ordered a pizza that made us late.

It was really nice to perform with no pressure whatsoever, and to just be a cast and crew putting on a show for fun. We even snagged an Excellent trophy and took it home!

Check out our pictures!

In the process, Caitlyn Hixenbaugh also earned her 50th Thespian Point, and has joined our official Hall of Champions!

Now it's time for a deep breath, to get ready to host for the District 14 Individual Events. Woo hoo!

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