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States 2017 Complete!

We finished up 3 days of fun in Tampa! Highlights along the way:

What happened:

  • We learned Liz & Heather's Pantomime was rescheduled an hour earlier JUST in time for us to race to Tampa Theater and get our performers in their performance clothing. Fun!

  • We introduced several Thespians to the wonder that is the "Fried Chicken/Bacon/Ranch pizza at Eddie & Sam's Pizza" in Tampa.

  • We sang many songs together loudly as we walked up and down the streets of Tampa.

  • We earned Superiors and Excellents in EVERY SINGLE EVENT.

  • We found out our mainstage had been moved to an hour later when we were literally standing in line at the Ferguson Theater, and noticed that the doors weren't opening. Then another troupe came into line behind us and realized the same exact thing.

  • We earned our FIRST EVER CRITICS' CHOICE (Alternate) at States! Give it up to Lyndzee Gugel ('18) for her Costume Design!

  • What is a CRITICS' CHOICE (Alternate?) We don't know. It's new. But we're assuming it means runner up for Critics' Choice. Whatever it is, we're taking it because it sounds good.


  • States pictures are posted up on the site.

  • A link to a video documentary by James Thomas ('17) is up. Thanks, James!

  • States achievements are posted to each Thespian's individual resume pages.

  • The Competitions Hall of Fame has been updated to reflect States achievements.


  • I'll post Film Fest nominations.

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