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Districts Teamup & Script Finding!

Well, the 2016-17 Season is now officially over. Welcome, to all of our new Thespians, and good luck to the Class of 2017!

Districts happen a lot earlier next year (Oct 14, 2017) - so we'll be hosting a Districts Teamup & Script Finding Party on THU 5/18 from 2:00-3:00pm. Learn about competitions, find other Thespians to team up with, and sift through lots of different scripts to find your event(s).

I've started work on New Member Pages - but those take a LONG time to build from scratch, and man have we got a lot of New Thespians. I'll be adding them in as my time allows.

Site Updates

Added the Class of 2017 Senior Video to "Videos"

Added 'Surprise Adoption' to "Videos"

Added the Class of 2017 to the "Members > Alumni"

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