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District Signups - Important Info!

We won’t be able to offer as many Signup Workshops for Individual Events as we need this year, due to the school closings for Hurricane Irma. So, for this year, we’re suspending the workshop requirement to sign up for an event.

You can instead sign up just by talking with Mr. Gaudet or Mrs. Neff.

Please have:

•The full title of your piece

•Acting events: proof you own or have ordered your full script

•Musical events: proof you have access to lyrics-free karaoke accompaniment

•Enough time in the next month to prepare your piece well

•The understanding that if you later drop your event, it’s going to cost you $20

You must sign up for your event by FRIDAY October 6th. *updated*

Every member of your performance group must have their registration completed (and any fees paid) by FRIDAY October 20th. *updated*

If there are more than 5 signups for the same event, we will hold a Contested Events Audition on WEDNESDAY October 11th *updated* to determine which events represent us at Districts.

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