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New Deadlines!

Hey Thespians!

So, Hurricane Irma has breezed her way straight through our Thespian schedule for Semester 1. None of us, in any school, have enough time to put together quality material for judges with the little bit of time that we've got remaining. We also had trouble getting ANY food trucks for Oct 14.

Therefore, District 14 is pushing back its Individual Events Festival to December 2, 2017. It is also rescheduling the One Act Festival - which we are no longer hosting or attending, due to our crunched time to prepare. Troupe 6172 would rather do one thing well, than two things "kind-of-okay."

So ... BREATHE EASY. We've got an extra 7 weeks to prepare for IE's.

Please see below for the NEW deadlines and dates for the Thespian Events.

WED. Sep 27 - Optional Workshops resume every Wed & Fri from 2:00-3:00

FRI. Oct 6 - Final date to register your IE Event (no workshop required)

WED. Oct 11 - Contested Events Auditions (for every event with more than 5 entries)

SAT. Oct 14 - Troupe Director's Meeting (Exec Council only)

FRI. Oct 20 - Fundraising is due

FRI. Oct 20 - Individual Events Contract & Registration Fee is due

THU. Nov 2 - Playwriting entries are due

FRI. Dec 1 - Setup for Individual Events (all Thespians!) 2:00-3:30pm, Exec Council 2:00-5:00pm

SAT. Dec 2 - Individual Events Festival 2017 *

* Priority scheduling will be given to all students taking the SAT this date, or who are attending the USF Festival for the Winds. I know that this change is not optimal for you, but it's the only decision we can make to preserve the Individual Events Festival.

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