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Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Things I'm Really Thankful For

  1. I've got such a great job to go to every day

  2. I have students that are so kind, thoughtful, funny and hard-working

  3. I have Mrs. Neff to work with every day, and a tech program that makes our shows look and run great

  4. I'm married to the cutest Spanish teacher in the world

  5. I have today off to recover from shouting karaoke at the top of my lungs last night, because now my voice sounds like a cement mixer

I hope you guys all have a wonderful Break. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Take care of yourselves. Love your families and each other. And in the midst of it all, make some time to keep working on your scenes and designs. While your scores don't matter in the end, that feeling of "I could have worked harder on this" will last for a really long time. And on the flip side, "I did my absolute best" lasts for a really long time, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Mr. G

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