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Districts 2017 Complete!

For the third year in a row, we hosted the District 14 Festival and WOW what a fun, exhausting, crazy, exhausting ... exhausting day that was. : )

Congratulations to EVERY THESPIAN who put themselves out there, and gave it a shot in front of judges and visiting Thespians from the 19 different high schools that attended the Festival. Scores are subjective - but you know the work you put in. You guys should all know that Mrs. Neff and I are super proud of you.

That said, despite a change to the scoring system that saw the Distrct award more Excellents and Goods than last year, and far fewer Superiors, scoring was pretty good for our Troupe.

Special congrats go to the three Critics Choice Award winners for our troupe including:

Duet Acting - Christian Marquez & Emeley Tsvetkov

Technical Theater Design - Hunter Smith

Playwriting - Maggie Weatherly

If you have pictures, please send them to Mr. G (that's me!) at and I'll add them into our Districts 2017 Gallery.

REST UP and enjoy your weekend!

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