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States Events Announced

After long deliberation, Mrs. Neff and I have gone through the list of 12 Superiors, and reluctantly, with great difficulty, cut it down to 6 events.

The events were chosen with many different criteria in mind.

. What did the judges have to say?

. Which students took advantage of after-school workshops?

. Which events still have 'room to grow' between now and States?

If you have a Superior, and have not been chosen to go to States, and feel upset about it - please come talk to Mrs. Neff or Mr. Gaudet. Know ahead of time that one of the things we will say is some version of: "We think you are wonderful, and would have represented our school well. We know you performed wonderfully at Districts. Please be proud of that accomplishment, and please come to States. We're sorry we weren't permitted to send more Superiors onward." Also - please resist the urge to text, group chat, or otherwise turn your upset moment into a giant ball of fire that undermines the people that ARE representing us. Mrs. Neff and I take responsibility for our choices. PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH THE DECISION MAKERS (US) FACE-TO-FACE. Please, and thank you : )

With that said, in alphabetic event order, the States events representing us for the 2018 Festival are:

Costume Construction: Hunter Smith

Costume Design: Lyndzee Gugel

Duet Acting: Angelina Anglero & Sophia Magagnoli

Duet Acting : Christian Marquez & Emeley Tsvetkov

Monologue: Jayla Thompson

Playwriting; Maggie Weatherly

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