9th Grade Orientation!

The Thespians will be hosting one of the rooms for the upcoming 9th Grade Orientation!

We'll be showing our Thespian movie about the differences between 8th grade in middle school and 9th grade in high school, and hosting a "school life" Q&A afterwards.

We're looking for volunteers to make our room look nice, set up chairs, practice Q&A's, host, and then set up Mr. G & Mrs. Neff's rooms for the upcoming year!

Volunteers So Far

Alyssa Bowlin

Angelina Anglero

Ari Lewis

Izzy Harper

Laila Qureshi

Liam Elliott

Madi Corbin

Sophia Magagnoli

If you'd like to volunteer to host from 8:00am-3:00pm on Thursday August 2, 2018, please let me know at sgaudet@pasco.k12.fl.us!

See you soon!

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