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IE Festival 2018 is Complete!

Thank you to EVERYONE who worked to make our hosting of the District 14 Individual Events Festival a success!

And congrats to our troupe for succeeding left and right, all over the place. In addition to the nice scores that we got, I saw several acts of kindness between our troupe and others that made me really proud to wear the same shirt as you. : )

We ended with:

11 Excellents

14 Superiors

4 Critics' Choices

I've posted individual scores, but now I'm going to take a break. Expect that by TUESDAY you will have:

individual judges' comments

your member pages updated

our troupe hall of fame updated

our choices for which Superiors will represent us at States (we can only send 6)

information about signing up for States

Until then, I and Mrs. Neff will be taking a long deep breath.


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