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Exec Council Nominations Open

The Nominations window for the 2019-20 Exec Council is open from 7:30am Monday 5/6 through 2:00pm Wednesday 5/8. You can pick up your nomination sheet from Mr. G in Room 229! If you won't be on campus any of these days, you can email your nominations to

Per our troupe's constitution:

  • The Exec Council is made up of a President, Vice-President and Secretary

  • You must be an active, currently inducted member to be on the Executive Council

  • You must be an active, currently inducted member to nominate or vote for Exec Council members

  • You must be planning to attend WCHS next year to participate in the election process

  • You may nominate multiple people for multiple positions on the Council

  • You may nominate yourself

  • Any eligible Thespian with 1 or more nominations is eligible to appear on ballots

  • Thespians must accept their nominations to appear on ballots

  • A Thespian must receive more than 50% of the vote to win an election

  • A runoff election between the top vote recipients will be held if needed

  • At least two of the following Troupe members must attend a ballot counting: Director(s), outgoing President, outgoing Vice-President, outgoing Secretary

  • In the event of a tie after a runoff election, the Troupe Director(s) will cast the deciding vote after consulting the outgoing Exec Council members who have attended the ballot counting

Eligible to Vote & Be Voted For (2019-20)

  • Angelina Anglero

  • Angie Torres

  • Areij Samhoury

  • Jenna Thomas

  • Juan Jimenez

  • Katie Munger

  • Laila Qureshi

  • Liam Elliott

  • Madi Corbin

  • Max Mead

  • Nate Baker

  • Nicole Mladenovska

  • Seth Raigoza

  • Shaina Pinos

  • Solana Priestley

  • Sophia Magagnoli

  • Tori Beurmann

  • Trinity Garcia

  • Ullissa Cole

  • Zoe Artrip

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