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9th Grade Orientation - Aug 1st

Hey guys!

Want to be part of the Thespian Room for 9th Grade Orientation? Help incoming 9th graders by answering questions and sharing stories about the differences between Middle School and High School.

We'll be showing our Thespian Orientation Video (currently at 7,000+ views!) and then talking with incoming students. They'll come into WCHS in small groups of 50-60 and rotate from our room to others. So we'll do our 15-minute video/live chat about 8 times.

Our day will look like this

August 1, 2019

8:15 - Arrive, team meeting, set up room, divide into teams

9:00 - Orientations start

12:00 - Free lunch

1:30 - Last show (approximate)

1:45 - Set up Acting/Playwriting and Tech Theater rooms for the new year (aw yea!)

3:00 - Wrap up, go home, and feel awesome

I only need about a dozen volunteers - so send your RSVP soon to Mr. G at


Destiny Diaz

Laila Qureshi

Sophia Magagnoli

Zylah Marion

Ullissa Cole

Liam Elliotttttttttttttt

Tiana Gomez

Solana Priestley

Lexia Roy

Madi Corbin (Pack Leading - but helping with setup after)

Angelina Anglero (Got assigned to Weightman for Orientation)

Let's have a great year!

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