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Fundraising Has Started!

It's the season for FUNDRAISING!

Performing, designing, playwriting and directing is fun, and rewarding - but it costs money. Help keep our productions rolling, and keep student costs for Competitions low by getting out there and enlisting the support of our area businesses.

Our annual budget depends on us raising at, very minimum, $1,500 in business donations. If each Thespian this year fundraises just the minimum, we will meet our goal! Our overall goal for this year is to reach $2,500 to support Technical Theater projects and a visually outstanding Spring Play.

Everyone has got to go out and pitch in. This is not intended as any kind of annual dues; I don’t want YOU to pay this. Fundraising by finding sponsors is intended as a way to both raise money AND to build our community by bringing businesses and our theatre efforts together.

Each year, even in difficult economic times, Thespians have gone out into our community and found great business support. Let’s make this year a good one!

You can find all of the documents you need in Mr. G's room, or download them yourself from this site!

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