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"67 Cinderellas" Production Halted

Dear Cast & Crew,

It is with a heavy heart that Mr. G and Mrs. Neff have decided to cancel our Spring Play. We are considering some alternative options, but much is left uncertain because of the global pandemic.

We do not make this decision easily. Our production has been and is a labor of love. We are proud of everyone involved. We are following the same science and health recommendations that other productions and events are following in the US during this challenging time. As of last night, all Broadway were shut down through April 12th.

This remains a changing situation, with new information coming in daily. We promise to do our best to teach you, guide you, and do right by you through what is a difficult time.

We'll be holding an in-person meeting during Homeroom today in Room 229 to learn more and answer questions.

Mr. Gaudet

Mrs. Neff

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