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Online Drama Class UPDATE

Hey guys!

Welcome to the "Unexpected Online Portion" of our Drama class!

Our Timeline

  • Core classes started on Week 1 (March 31) of this quarter.

  • Elective classes start on Week 2 (April 6).

  • As of today (4/2) distance learning will definitely continue through May 1. It could very well extend through the end of the year, but that is up to our Superintendent.


  • Our Acting and Tech Theater courses will be using an online resource called "StageAgent."

  • You can reach StageAgent at

  • StageAgent has lots of built-in lessons, videos, plays, monologues, etc. Think of it as our textbook for the next few weeks.

  • You have your own account with StageAgent.

  • Below, you'll find your name and your temporary one-time password to StageAgent. As soon as you sign in, you'll be instructed to replace it with your own password.

  • StageAgent has a LOT of things that we won't be using during this Quarter. That said, feel free to explore around as much as you like. It has info on auditions, colleges, and other cool things.

How will we get our assignments?

  • Each week, you'll get two or three assignments to complete.

  • You'll get specific instructions to follow.

  • You'll find these instructions on MyLearning, just like your other courses.

  • You will have one week to complete the week's assignments.

  • There is no "set time" you have to sit at your computer to complete the assignment during the week.

How will we submit our assignments?

  • All of your assignments will be submitted on MyLearning.

  • You will not submit any of your assignments on StageAgent.

  • You might notice that StageAgent has a "Quizzes" section. While we don't plan to use those quizzes right now, we might later on in the quarter. If we do, we'll let you know how, and give you clear instructions.

What about attendance?

  • If you submit your week's assignments by 11:59pm Sunday of that week, you will be marked Present for every day that week.

  • If you don't submit your week's assignments by 11:59pm Sunday of that week, you will be marked Absent for every day that week.

  • If you submit some of the assignments, you will be marked Present for some of the days.

Neat! So should I wait until 11:59pm Sunday to submit all of my assignments?

  • OMG no. Please don't. Multiply your work times 160 and that's the grading work we have. Please don't make us cry on Monday morning. Because we will.

Will each of our Drama classes be different?

  • Kinda. Not really. But kinda.

  • All of the Theater/Drama/Acting/Tech courses are all rolled together into one giant online course.

  • That said, there will sometimes be "options" for you, depending on your class. For example:

  1. Every student will read the same scene or play.

  2. Acting students might then take a 6-question quiz based on Acting techniques.

  3. Tech students might then take a 6-question quiz based on Tech Theater techniques.

What about essays? Will we get to write essays? I love essays!

  • Yes!

  • Be fancy. Use things like capital letters, complete sentences and paragraphs.

  • SUPER IMPORTANT: MyLearning has a built-in plagiarism detector. That means if you cut & paste something from a website, or if you copy the same paragraph someone else writes, the system will automatically flag you. And you'll get a zero. Because that's lame. You've got a week. Think for yourself. Do yo' work.

Hey, I have Tech Theater and Acting Class. What about that?

  • Bonus! You'll probably only have one thing to read or research each week.

  • You might have to do two different assignments based on that reading, depending on the week.

  • You might just have one assignment to do - in which case either Mr. Gaudet or Mrs. Neff will grade your work and the same grade will count for BOTH of your courses.

I'm in Play Writing class. What about my curriculum?

  • You will be joining the Creative Writing online course.

  • You will not be using StageAgent for Play Writing.

  • Mr. Gaudet will still grade all of your work.

I have more questions!

  • The best way to get in touch is by emailing your question to

  • I will check my emails at 8:00am, 12 Noon, and 8:00pm.

  • I am also hosting a "Morning Coffee with Mr. G" every weekday morning from 8:00-8:45am. It's super informal. Feel free to ask specific questions or just hang around and chit-chat. - Meeting ID: 406 312 790

  • The room is open to all current Acting, Tech, Play Writing and Thespian students.

  • You must use your full first and last name to join.

I'm ready to get started! Where's my password?!

  • Your password will be visible on your MyLearning Announcements on Monday, April 6th.

  • Or, e-mail for your password if you want to peek around the StageAgent site earlier on!

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