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Film Fest 2020 is ON!

Aw yeah, the FILM FESTIVAL is ON!

This year, for our 20th Anniversary show, we'll be running a very special Social Distance version of the Film Festival. We'll be using this site and our YouTube channel to drop promos, show finalists, and run a countdown leading up to the Best Picture of 2020.

Things We Had to Take Out

* The live show (duh, social distancing)

* Promotional posters

* Physical trophies

* Individual categories (Best Actress, Best Cinematography, etc.)

* Live judging by a faculty committee (there's no audience reaction)

* You won't be able to miss 6th Period on a Friday to go to the Film Festival because we aren't at school

Things We Changed

* There are TEN finalists instead of six

* Mr. Gaudet, Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Bertig each cast blind, weighted votes for films out of the 64 films we received. We all had access to the same set of films. We totaled up the votes and sorted the movies.

* TV Production is making a 2-minute promo that has ALL of the movies that got entered this year.

* TV Production will also be making a special TOP TEN promo to announce the finalists

* I'll release the films in a countdown format at the rate of one per day - each finalist gets its day to be the awesome new thing

Our Timeline - all on WCHSDrama channel on YouTube

Mon 4/13 - 20th Annual WCHS Film Festival promo releases

Mon 4/20 - Top Ten Finalists promo releases

Mon 4/27 - The countdown begins with #10

Wed 5/6 - The countdown ends with the release of the #1 Best Picture

We've worked hard to salvage our Film Festival so you guys can have one more Thespian event this year. We really hope you like the way it turns out.

-Mr. G

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