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Man, What a Year.


The long, crazy ride that is 2019-20 has come to a close. Work is still going on behind-the-scenes as I wrap up our site, and as Mrs. Neff and I begin to prepare for what 2020-21 will/might/maybe/possibly be like.

Info About Next Year*

* Info subject to change! Things can always change.

  • WCHS has a Tech Theater 2 class for 2020-21.

  • WCHS will keep Acting 2 and 3 class combined next year.

  • WCHS will continue to offer Play Writing next year.

  • Our plan is to eventually have separate Acting 1 and Acting 2 courses, and one combined Acting 3 & 4 Honors course - but that will take one more year as our students who took 'Theater 1' their first year graduate.

  • I intend to be as crafty as humanly possible in 2020-21. I will do my best to make Acting class fun, interesting, worthwhile, and entertaining even as we manage social distancing and the ever-changing CDC recommendations. I'm taking it as a challenge and it's gonna be awesome.

Site Updates

  • Added "Troupe 6172 v. Disaster" photo gallery.

  • Future Thespians page updated with Semester 2 points. There are now 22 students who have earned their 10th point and will be receiving invitations in August.

  • Updated member bios to reflect Semester 2 work

  • Moved the Class of 2020 to the Alumni page

  • Create page for Exec Council - job descriptions, nomination & voting process, and notes

  • Reset Rosters & Exec Council for 2020-21

In Progress

  • Long-term project: revise pages to be as mobile-friendly as they are laptop- and desktop-friendly. There are over 300 pages in this site, so that's a LONG long-term project.

Still "To Do"

  • Once we get a plan for what school will look like in 2020-21, we'll start jamming on some new plans to make Acting exciting. Oh believe me, while it's going to be different, it's gonna be fun. And I say that with utter confidence despite the fact that I have 0% plans made because I know 0% of what is going to happen next year. But WE'RE GREAT. We have awesome minds, and ability to work together, to laugh off mistakes. Dare I say we shall be the REVOLUTIONARY YEAR OF DRAMA. I believe I may just so dare.

I'll keep this blog entry updated as I cross things off my checklist. : )

Hope you guys have a great summer!

-Mr. G

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