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c/o 2021 v. Pandemic

Dear Class of 2021,

I am so sorry we missed your last year-and-half of Drama. You had all paid your dues, and worked your way up, and I wish you'd had a chance to shine onstage and backstage when you became Juniors and Seniors.

Instead of making a video, I have put together your very own gallery "2021 v. Pandemic" on the official Troupe 6172 Gallery. You are the only class to have a dedicated photo gallery. It has virtually every picture I could find of you from your Freshman, Sophomore, and early Junior year. If I missed one of yours, or if you have more, please let me know and I will most certainly add it in.

I wish things had been different and we had put on "67 Cinderellas" in 2020, hosted Districts, gone to States, and put on another show together. I do.

For what it's worth, I will always remember you as the Thespians that journeyed with me through a masked-up, desk-separated, socially-distanced, stressful, strange year together. We made it through.

Thank you, and love you.

-Mr. Gaudet


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