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Dear c/o 2022 Seniors

Dear Thespian Seniors,

I am sorry I won’t be there to see you graduate, and to give you the celebration that you deserve. I want you to know that it has been a great pleasure to work with all of you these years together.

You have all endured two of the worst years in all of high school history, and soon you’ll be joining me in the grownup world.

Before that happens, please check your member page at and send me any updates you’d like to make. Soon, your page will be frozen in time and become part of our alumni collection of graduates.

In addition, I would love to see your “Final Words” on the inside doors of the Drama Room. Every graduating Troupe 6172 Thespian before you has been asked the same question: “What are some parting thoughts or advice you’d like to leave behind?” Send me your answer and become part of the fondest memories I keep in that room.

I’d like to thank you for being part of my life. I remember every single Thespian I’ve ever worked with since we started in 2000, and your legacy will live on in my heart. I promise I will never forget you.

Aaliyah - I will never forget how you grew from that frightened waiter in “Incomplete Life” to the heart of the warmest scene in “Too Much Light.” You have always been a supreme professional.

Abby - I will never forget your podcast and discovering that you were Emo. Seriously, best podcast ever. I couldn’t wait for each episode. I learned what Emo is from you.

Ashley - I will never forget how you disappeared from my view after your Freshman year and I thought you hated me, but you roared back in your Senior year to capture a Critic’s Choice. I wish we had more Set Design time!

Austin - I will never forget the many kindnesses you have shown to other people, even when to all outward appearances, those people did not seem deserving of that kindness.

Dabria - I will never forget your warm smiles, and the way you made each scene partner feel important. I promise I’m not sore about you leaving Drama for Dance. Sometimes you just gotta dance. : )

Deionrei - I will never forget you using that fake English accent during your Duet scene. You didn’t fool that one judge, but you got the others. Good job!

Destiny - I will never forget how we saved the 2021 Film Festival together. What a once in a lifetime experience! And we built it together.

Emiliana - I will never forget how you rallied every year despite things out of your control. We’re bonded together in that respect. Way to keep it going. : )

Emilie - I will never forget your quiet determination, smile, or your love for science. Hey, Mayim Bialik got a PhD in neuroscience AND became a professional actress. Keep it in mind.

Gerardo - I will never forget our Early Club meetings on Zoom before 1st period Online Acting class, you at the end of that hallway. Everyone in Early Club knows we were the true cool ones. : )

Gilberto - I will never forget how you managed to be a phenomenal actor despite Mrs. Lerma constantly pulling you out of class for tests. Remember, after you graduate, she’s not allowed to do that anymore!

Hailee - I will never forget the 25 times you asked me to show “Waffle House” or how you magically reorganized the Set Room in just 45 minutes. Thank you.

Jackie - I will never forget how you went from the world’s shyest performer in 9th grade to one of the very first Acting 4 graduates. I don’t think you said more than 2 sentences to me that first year!

Jade - I will never forget how you could turn any part, no matter how small or large, into an instant memory. You’ve got strong artistic instincts and guts. And just so you know I truly forgive you for ghosting Thespians after Districts. Life happens, no worries, it’s all good. : )

Jude - I will never forget how I turned you goth for one play and THEN IT STUCK FOR THREE MORE YEARS. That is some serious method acting, man.

Judy - I will never forget your kind heart, or how you silently clapped in the back row when we talked about redemption and forgiveness in “Death of a Salesman.” I see you. : )

Meagan - I will never forget how you suddenly dropped your guard in your Senior year and came alive in class. I am glad you know the things that make you happy. Thank you for your trust.

Riley - I will never forget how you navigated through the choppiest year in Thespian history. You really rolled with the punches. Thank you for never making me feel like I was letting you down with my absences, even when I felt like I was totally letting you down.

I will never forget you all. Thank you. Write me back with your final words. And if you’d like, let’s keep in touch and become grownup friends. Welcome to the grownup team. : )


Mr. Gaudet


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