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Film Festival is Here!

Holy COW what a weird 2022 it has been. Dental abscess, hand-foot-mouth disease, retinal tear, and then a retinal detachment. Medical leave #1, then Medical Leave #2. I was scared at some point that I might not make it back this year but SO FAR my last surgery seems to be holding. This has been HARD - I lost my vision entirely for one very scary day. It's still not 100% but I'm good enough to come back and give it a ty. My plan is to return Friday 4/22 and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Next week is our FILM FESTIVAL.

Volunteers needed for ticket sales during A & 'B Lunch next week on Mon, Tue & Wed. Sign up with Mrs. Neff.

We also need ushers & ticket takers. Sign up with Mrs. Neff!

Website Updates

Finally added 2021 as a distinct Film Festival page.

Upcoming Updates

Will add 2022 separate page with finalist posters & award nominations.

Also, I have missed you. <3

See you soon!

Mr. Gaudet

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