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New Members in 2021-22!

At WCHS, we're temporarily lifting our 100 Performing Arts hour requirement for new Thespians. That's because COVID-19 has made it near-impossible to earn any Performing Arts hours this past year. And we want YOU to be able to experience the coolness that is being a Thespian.

Our troupe hosts and competes in the District 14 Festival, as well as attending the annual Florida State Thespian Festival every March. This event attracts thousands of Thespians from across the state and features events, workshops, industry professionals, mainstage shows, and an opportunity to meet with Performing Arts colleges from across the country.

Membership to Troupe 6172 of the International Thespian Society is open to any student who:

1. is currently enrolled at Wesley Chapel High School, FL

2. has successfully completed at least one year of Drama class study at WCHS (Acting, Play Writing, Technical Theater)

3. is currently enrolled in a Drama Class at WCHS (Acting or Play Writing)

4. is committed to attending and hosting the Thespian District 14 Festival at WCHS on Saturday December 11, 2021

Membership costs $30.00, which includes your membership fee and a cool t-shirt. Payments can be made by check, cash, or (preferably) through our Parent Payment Portal at

Have any questions? Ask Mr. Gaudet or send him an email at

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