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October Update!

We're just 24 days from OPENING NIGHT. Tickets are now available ON THIS SITE. Yeah!

Rehearsals are going really well! I'm slowly working on other website things like member pages, but our high-energy rehearsal periods usually have me pretty beat by the time I get back home. I promise to update all the new member info in November after the play closes.

Speaking of November, make sure you set aside FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2021 for our first THESPIAN PARTY of the year from 2:00-3:00+ after school. Ice cream, cookies, inductions, music, good times.

Registration is NOW OPEN for the Districts Festival. Make sure you register yourself AND your events by WEDNESDAY October 20, 2021.

October is super-busy month. Make sure to take some time sleeping, hanging out with friends, and doing the other things you love in addition to studying lines and building wonderful things for the show and the Festival. You > your work.

Take care!

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