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Regionals Scores!

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to Regionals! In January, we'll be making a "Thespians of the Apocalypse" montage poster for everyone who dared to compete in the weirdest, most apocalyptic year in Thespian history.


Costume Construction - Jade Schafer

Duet Acting - Riley Kartel & Kaylei Koschman

Duet Acting - Devin Ball & Angie Torres

Pantomime - Chase Del Valle

Play Writing - Riley Kartel

Play Writing - Abby Torres


Duet Acting - Austin Bird & Emiliana Kliebert

Monologues - Meagan Webb

Monologues - Aaliyah Shiwbalak

Monologues - Emilie Tuure

Play Writing - Emma Goodfield & Lexia Roy

Solo Musical - Zachary Trenkle

Solo Musical - Abby Torres

The full list of scores is available here:

All events close Saturday night, December 19, 2020. View them before they all go away!

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