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The 2021-22 Season

Today is July 15th and I'm just starting to feel normal again!

I've got a TO-DO list which includes putting together something nice for our recently graduated Thespians (c/o 2021) DESPITE their missing a whole year and a half of Festivals and Productions. I'm still thinking on that.

The schedule is contingent on a whole lot of things like:

  • what will the Pasco County School District say about performances?

  • will enough people get vaccinated to create a safe public environment?

  • what kind of COVID variants will thrive or wither away?

  • what unpredictable thing is coming after COVID? dinosaur invasion? shark cyclones?

I couldn't tell you for sure what's going to happen. Heck - I thought we'd all be back to normal a couple weeks after Spring Break 2020.

That said, I AM planning on having a full next year. More interactions. More duet scenes in class. NO MONOLOGUES FOR A LONG TIME. Actually looking at each other. Building teamwork and building family. Also, Mrs. Neff will be back co-directing the Thespians!

In August, new Thespian Membership will be opened to ALL students who have taken at least one Drama class (Acting, Tech, Play Writing) AND are enrolled in a Drama class for 2021-22. This is a one-time suspension of our "10 points" rule as we rebuild.

We will also hold elections in August for a new Exec Council. Only CURRENT Thespian members as of May 2021 may a) run for the Council and b) vote for the Council.

Let's get ready to make this the BEST YEAR of all the years.

-Mr. G

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