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The Totally Not SNL Show

Hey Thespians!

We can't do live theater what with .. oh I don't know .. a WORLDWIDE PLAGUE on the loose, but that doesn't mean we can't create drama!

Our Exec Council (Lexia, Emma & Chase) are putting together a student-directed and student-produced variety show of sketches that is completely not SNL in any way shape or form except that yes, it's the same thing. But not legally. Also, out of the 5 of us working on this I think we have 5 separate votes on the name. Still working on that.

We need LOTS of different people to make this work!

  • actors

  • screenwriters

  • student sketch directors

  • post-production editors

  • costume leads (as well as makeup, props, and scenery)

  • marketers/publicists

While this is student-led, Mr. G is still responsible for checking over all submitted and produced material before it goes up on our super-cool WCHSDrama channel on YouTube.


Oh yeah you do. Click right here.

To be part of the October Show, you must submit your application by 2:00pm TUE 9/29!


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