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The October Sketch!

This October's script was written by .... Mrs. Neff! It is called "Spook Con 2020."

We chose the cast AT RANDOM by putting all actor volunteers into a spinning wheel. Then, we spun the wheel EIGHT TIMES to get enough characters for our 8-person screenplay. Mrs. Neff then cast the parts.

Our October Cast is:

  • Angie Torres

  • Chase Delvalle

  • Devin Ball

  • Emilie Tuure

  • Gaven Simpson

  • Riley Kartel

  • Meagan Webb

  • Zach Trenkle

Did you volunteer to be an actor but you DIDN'T GET PICKED? Don't worry ... you get first dibs on the "Wheel of Fortune" for our November show!

Lexia, Emma and Chase are all producing this together. They'll be in touch with all of the Designers and Design Teams. You'll get information directly from them about what your job is, deadlines, and just how we are all going to come together to make and produce a sketch in just 28 days.

Let's do this!


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