Will Campbell

c/o 2016


38 Points



Favorite Thespian Moment

"States 2016"


Favorite Movies

Emperor's New Groove

Big Hero 6

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Emperor's New Groove


Favorite TV Shows

Legend of Korra

No. 6

Agents of SHIELD


Favorite Actor

Kyono Knox


Favorite Actress

Meryl Streep


What is one final thought or piece of advice you'd like to leave behind?

People often ask me, "Are you a mass murderer?" to which I reply, "No, but I wanted to be one when I was little."

Then they'll ask me, "What are you now?" to which I reply, "Disappointed in myself, mainly."

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The Comedy Show (2014)
The Comedy Show (2014)

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Theatre 1
Acting 1
Tech Design
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