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Thespians is an Honor Society.


If you are a Thespian, you are required to keep your grades up to remain an active member!



    All of your class grades should always be at a minimum "C" or higher.


    If at any point you have an "F" in a class, or have more than one "D" you

    will be suspended from Thespians and put on academic probation.



Academic Probation Consequences


  • you must immediately drop all events you are registered for at Districts or States

  • pay all drop fees ($20/event for Districts, $50/event for States)

  • you may not audition for, design for, direct, or stage manage any play productions

  • if you are in the Spring Play, you must get written permission from a parent to continue attending rehearsals or give up your role

  • WCHS administration wil remove you from Thespian Homeroom


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