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How DO I Become a Thespian?

Wesley Chapel High School is the proud home of Troupe 6172 of the International Thespian Society.  That means that we follow all of their rules, including their membership requirements.


To join the WCHS Thespians, you must work 100 hours either onstage or backstage in the Performing Fine Arts.  For a very involved student, this typically takes about one school year.

Get involved in the Drama Program!  Volunteer or audition for WCHS plays, enter the Film Festival, or take Drama classes.  WCHS offers both Acting and Theatre Design courses.

If you've performed or contributed backstage to a Chorus, Band, Dance or community theater show, fill out a Thespian Points Request.

When you have reached 100 volunteer hours, you'll receive an invitation to join Thespian Troupe 6172!

Volunteer Hours & Thespian Points

  • Each 10 hours of volunteer work with a show earns you 1 Thespian Point.

  • This means that you need 10 Thespian Points to become a member.

  • You can start earning Thespian Points when you become a High School student.

  • You must earn at least 5 Thespian Points with the WCHS Drama Department to become a Thespian, but the others may be earned from other performing arts productions.

Ways to Earn Thespian Points

  • Acting part in a play

  • Choral part in a musical

  • Theatre 1 class

  • Acting 1, 2 or 3 class

  • Technical Design and Production 1 class

  • Film Festival

  • Costume designer or crew

  • Props designer or crew

  • Set designer or crew

  • Makeup/hair designer or crew

  • Playwright

  • Director or assistant director

  • Publicist or publicity crew

  • Usher or house crew

  • Stage manager

  • Band

  • Dance

  • Chorus

  • Community/church drama

  • FAME Film Contest

  • Storytelling

  • Talent Show



Other Performing Arts

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